Blog Post Round Up!

Here are blog posts for the past couple months. Sorry for the delay.


The main event is here folks, it’s IML and the pups are out in full force. Before I go on any further I want to give a big howl out to all the people/pups that made this happen. I know things got crazy with the venue switch this year and this almost didn’t happen. I applaud you for rallying the community and pulling through in a pinch. Moving on, what an affair it was. Though in a little more cramped corridors than usually, the mosh had all the bells and whistles: Pinatas for pouncing, mailmen for tackling, and more then a few prizes(not too mention all the licks and pets you can get). It was great to see so many pups on the floor and involved. Honestly, this is an event I look all year for. It’s such a release and I’m so thankful for it. Thanks for another great year Woof Camp!


Reporting back from the Cell Block bar night. It was another wagging evening at the block. Boys drinking outta bowls and dropping to all fours (not for that). There was a nice mosh space in the corner. Intermittent pup play was had, only halting for more doggy bowl drinks. Mr Greg “Kitty” Slade was delving out grooming to the pups. Big shout out to Sir Justin and Boy/Pup Greg for serving and housing us mangy mutts. Can’t wait for our next night out.


Hey this is Bullet letting ya in on another meeting of the CPP. So tonight we gathered at our friend Daddy J’s place. Here was so gracious enough to give us a demo on pain play with his boy Matt(aka Pup Beaker). Daddy J went thoroughly each subject, discussing each point with an accessible manner. I especially enjoyed that he not only touched on setting up for a scene, but coming down from one and “dropping” as well. After the main presentation and discussion was over, we partook in cake and divulged into the night. Once again thank you very much to Daddy J & Matt for a great evening.