Three Part Wrap Up - March 2013

Barks and Wuffs all around and welcome to the first of a three part wrap up of the past months activities. Were going to start back in March when Luph and Zeus were kind enough to invite the entire group over as part of their house er… apartment + dungeon warming party. It was a great turnout with a lot of mixed characters from throughout the kink spectrum. Much drink and tail wagging merriness was had, not too mention an incredibley hot fisting exhibition by two of our members. It was rather simple the pups to switch from four legs to two thanks to an easy access changing room provided. It was a very relaxed party, so it gave people who were new to the pup scene a chance to interact with the puppies, or get on all fours themselves. Overall the night was a great success. So I see you tail waggers in our next installmant “The ties that bind:Return to Luph Manor.”