CPP February Workshop Blog

So this past Saturday the CPP met over at Johnny and Derek’s place for a puppy treats workshop. Overall, we had 25+ pups and handlers gathered for the demo. There, Victor walked us through 2 different recipe for some delicious bite sized pup treats. The first was a vegan chocolate-peanut biscotti and the second a sweet potato bacon treat. At the beginning of each process, Victor went over the differences in the recipes and methods(ala vegan vers non). As each of the batches warmed in the oven, you could bet all these pups mouths were watering (esp over the BACON). As things finished cooking, we mingled for a bit, saying hi to the new faces and those visiting from out town. Finally we got to sample the fruits of, well Vic’s labor. They were totally delicious, my personal favorite being the sweet potato bacon treat. So definite big thank you goes out to Johnny and Derek for letting us into your home and also to Victor for sharing his stellar baking talents. I look forward to seeing you all at the next CPP mosh!

*wuffs n wags*