February Munch and Jackhammer Invasion Review

The munch was definitely a success. We had 14 people attending the munch at Nookies North on Bryn Mawr on February 25th, which was a mixture of local kinksters and visitors from out of town (mainly St. Louis). There were various announcements throughout the evening (after a round of introductions that included saying your name and your favorite color, to be interpreted as the speaker wished) including:

<li>The April CPP meeting will be “Puppy Baths,” where we shall be invading Steamworks in support of the joining of two of our members getting married and holding their bachelor party there.</li>
<li>We will have two events in August on the same weekend. One event will be held in Chicago and the other in Indianapolis for <a href=“a href="http://www.greatlakesleather.org”>Great Lakes Leather Alliance</a> (aka GLLA). At GLLA, CPP is organizing a Mosh Pitt and helping run a Meet & Greet. Sir Luph and Pup Snuggles, with the help of pup wolfe, will be teaching a puppy play class at GLLA as well. The website for GLLA has a listing of registration prices and after you register, you will be given the information for the hotel. They do it this way to protect their members and attendees as the hotel is closed for the event.</li>
<li>October 5-7, the Mr Midwest Leather and Midwest Puppy Contest will be held in St Louis at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill. More details to come.</li>

The rest of the munch was for general socialization and eating. After the munch, 7 of us ended up at the Pig Trough party at Jackhammer, where they opened up the back areas of the Hole to give people more room to “spread out.” There was fun music, great people, and tasty drinks to be had by all.