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“Max’s Story, Part I: Dipping My Paw Into the Waters

I’m 29. I moved to NYC two years ago, and it was the first time I’d lived in a place with a vibrant gay community. So last summer I started exploring. I’ve only kind of been in the kink scene for about a year now, so the first bar I chose to go to was The Eagle. I had heard things about it, and it sounded like an exciting place. I was into older men, I was into hairy men, so I just went there and explored it. They had a Jockstrap Night one time so I was like, “Oh, I want to wear a jockstrap,” and “Oh, I should get combat boots”… so before I even knew about gear, I was starting to think about that. And then I went on one of their Thursday night leather dress code nights last summer, and I met some really cool guys. So The Eagle, instead of being this big scary intimidating place, became this really warm, welcoming, down-to-earth place. I started meeting guys in the community, and people were talking about dungeons, and flogging, and all this stuff… it was all crazy-sounding, but I started experimenting with it, exploring it, and just going with what came along…”

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