Illinois Leather Alliance Contest

March 18th to 20th was the Illinois Leather Alliance Contest, where the contests for Illinois Leather Sir, boy, Ms Leather Pride, Bootblack, Master, slave, pup, and Trainer took place. We had two contestants for Sir, one for Ms Leather Pride, one for pup, and one for Trainer. Even though some of the categories only had one contestant, they had to make at least 70% to earn the title. Master Michael and slave angie, the producers of the contest posted the following after the contest congratulating the winners: 

We are very thrilled to announce our 2016 Illinois Title family!
IL Puppy - Pup Scout
IL Trainer - Sir Krystoff
IL Ms Leather Pride - Sarah Sloane
IL Leather Sir - Sir Shadi
I'm so amazes by the love and energy of everyone who competed! You are ALL part of the ILA family!
Thank you to our sponsors Karen Ultra and High Moo Productions, our friends who supported us, Touche Chicago. Boi Magazine, Jackhammer, Abraided Leather, Full Kit Gear, Rachel, Empress Diamond Yaki and the Windy City Imperial Court. Squire Lisa, Chicago Leather Club, Miguel Torres, Phil Redmond, Sir G. Without your support and assistance, this would not have happened.
And to our wonderful Judges, staff and volunteers, and to our Directors Sir Justin and Tork, thank you for what you do. This was your night as much as the contestants. You did this! And we are so grateful.

And here are some FANTASTIC photos taken by our own Pup Beaker: