Known Candidates Running for the CPP Board

The time has come! On Sunday, January 22nd, we are holding a Business Meeting and Elections at the Cellblock. We will allow any candidate who wishes to run for the CPP Board to speak to the members for a couple minutes. After this meeting, voting by Chicago Puppy Patrol Full Members will take place digitally over the course of a week. Below, is a list of all known individuals who have chosen to run for the Board. Please review before casting your votes. 

Pup Spike

A lifelong Chicagoan, Pup Spike has been out in the pup community for almost two years. Spike was drawn to the puppy world as a way to explore kink with a sense of camaraderie and community. The community and the lifestyle have become a passion. Spike is always looking to give back to the community which has given so much to him. Spike encourages new puppies to join the community, often helping to alleviate concerns and insecurities. He leads by example by bringing an attitude of acceptance to everyone, no matter the size or the shape of the pup or handler. Spike is a founding member of the Dogstar Pack, a full member of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, active on many forums, and is like a bulldozer at a mosh. Outside of puppy, Spike works in marketing and is an avid ice hockey player and coach.


Pup Bayard

Bayard emerged on the pup scene a little over 18 months ago, after quietly studying and researching the various aspects of the kink community. Recognizing a need for more Pup resources online, Bayard has launched his own website at Paw Street in an effort to promote the community he loves through his writing. His article series I am Puppy: Now What? explores his first forays into channeling his inner puppy through the acquisition of headspace, and has reached would-be pups and old dogs alike from around the globe. He now also writes and contributes to various other websites including Great Lakes Den, Illinois Eagle, and Bayard has since learned that while being a puppy is awesome enough on its own, giving back to the community he has grown to love is where his passion lies. From organizing puppy moshes to spearheading local fundraising efforts in support of Mr. Friendly to promote the erasure of HIV stigma in society at large, Pup Bayard wants to bring focus to issues of importance that concern us all.


Sir Justin St Clair

Sir Justin has been a part of the Chicago Leather Community for nearly 2 decades. In this time, he has served his community in the IML circuit, the ILSb circuit, and most recently as IPTC's International Trainer in 2014/15. He currently Produces the International Pup and Trainer Contest. When not working on the contest, he spends much of his time traveling, judging, and teaching on all things Puppy and Handler. In 2015, he published a book, BARK!, which is a chronology of his travels and thoughts on the modern American puppy.


Sir Edward

My name is Edward Nickelson, known as Sir Edward in the pup community. I started pup play in a 1 on 1 relationship with no knowledge of this world, community, or kink at all. A year and a half ago I discovered the Pup Play in Chicago and learned that there was a whole lifestyle, family, and community. Since then I have grown dramatically, exploring almost all types of kink as a dom. I currently am leading a pack comprised of 2 subs and 1 pup directly underneath me, 2 grandpups each brought in by my subs, and 1 pup in training. Being a pack leader has been a new, tiring, and amazing experience for me. It comes with great power and great responsibility. While it can be tricky and sometimes exhausting I wouldn't trade a single one of those members who look up to me for anything. I have pride in my pack. I feel as though I have grown from a small town, conservative, monogamous boy to an open minded, caring, polyamorous, kinky, leader/dom/handler and I have never been more content and happy with my life. I hope to use my experiences as a dom to bring in more people to the kink and pup community. As I have seen through my own pups, pup play can have amazing benefits in a person's mental health and life and I wish to share that fun and healing with all who need it.