Pup Rococo President

Pup Rococo


Pup Rococo can often be found planning moshes and social events for the Chicago Community, as well as assisting and planning fundraisers and volunteer days for local organizations. He has been involved with the puppy patrol for the past three years, serving on the board for most of that time in various positions. Rococo is a curious pup, and is always excited to do his part to help. Rococo was Illinois Puppy 2015 and Great Lakes Puppy 2016.

Pup Spike Vice President

Pup Spike

Vice President

Pup Spike has been out in the Chicago pup community for almost two years. Spike knows many of the struggles new pups face in joining the community, and works as an ambassador to those who are curious or want to come aboard. “Through continued growth the puppy community will further prosper.” In addition to sharing the puppy lifestyle, Spike is a founding member of the DogStar Pack, a native Chicagoan, works in marketing, and is an avid ice hockey player and coach.

Sir Edward  Treasurer

Sir Edward 


Sir Edward joined the Chicago puppy community in Summer 2016. At that point, though very inexperienced in kink, he quickly found his home and happiness as a Dom in the kink and pup community. Pup play as well as the puppies in Chicago have led him to experience many different kinds of kinks. He enjoys the happiness and healing he can bring to others by introducing them to and training them in pup play. 

"The kink community and lifestyle has transformed who I am. As leader of my pack, the strength, peace, and mentoring I bring to those who look up, who choose to give that power to me and submit to me, gives me fulfillment in my life that I have never had. Likewise this community gives me joy l had never imagined."

Outside of the community Sir Edward is currently working as a QA Python Automotion Engineer for a large financial tech company in the loop. This being his first post graudate job after obtaining his bachelors degree from Roosevelt University.

Sir Edward's mission is to introduce anyone who is currious and willing to the lifestyle of Pup Play, to the community, and to CPP. This desire comes from having personally experienced the healing and peace that pup play can bring to those lacking fullfillemnt, purpose, and happiness in their life.

Pup Bayard Communication Coordinator

Pup Bayard

Communication Coordinator

Bayard emerged on the pup scene a little over 18 months ago, after quietly studying and researching the various aspects of the kink community. Recognizing a need for more Pup resources online, Bayard has launched his own website at Paw Street in an effort to promote the community he loves through his writing. His article series I am Puppy: Now What? explores his first forays into channeling his inner puppy through the acquisition of headspace, and has reached would-be pups and old dogs alike from around the globe. He now also writes and contributes to various other websites including Great Lakes Den, Illinois Eagle, and Pupplay.info. Bayard has since learned that while being a puppy is awesome enough on its own, giving back to the community he has grown to love is where his passion lies. From organizing puppy moshes to spearheading local fundraising efforts in support of Mr. Friendly to promote the erasure of HIV stigma in society at large, Pup Bayard wants to bring focus to issues of importance that concern us all.

Since arriving in Chicago in June of 2016, Bayard has taken an active role in the pup and kink community, from volunteering, attending and hosting events and so much more. He is a member of Titans of the Midwest, a board member of the Road Otters, and a full member of the Chicago puppy patrol. Bayard has taught classes on pup play, non verbal communication, headspace and most recently social anxiety and the human puppy. 

Be who you are and say what you mean, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind by Dr. Seuss is a quote that Bayard lives by. 

Pup Sharp Events Coordinator

Pup Sharp

Events Coordinator

Pup Sharp has been a part of the the puppy community for over 8 years. After observing a divide in opinion as to what make a pup a pup, he has strove to unite pups, fellow kinksters, and leather-people, as well as to improve the perception of pups within the fetish and leather communities.

Over the past three years, Sharp has been involved in helping several organizations, including International Puppy and Trainer, Team Friendly Chicago, and Chicago Puppy Patrol with their various digital needs such as graphics design, website assistance, or social media.

Sharp’s goals are to provide an open, welcoming environment for anyone interested in or involved with what he calls “Pupself,” continuing and expanding on wide varieties of events for Chicago Puppy Patrol, and to keep educating the community and beyond in all things Puppy.

Outside of his puppy life, Sharp is an award-winning composer, likes spending time with his two partners and their two cats and two dogs, and has a passion for languages and anthropology.


Sir Shadi Secretary

Sir Shadi


Sir Shadi has held an interest in leather for the bulk of his adult life. He entered the formal scene in 2015 with a run for Mr. Chicago Leather in an attempt to face his fear of public speaking. He is the former 2016 Illinois Leather Sir, and was the first runner-up in the 2016 GLLA Leather Sir contest.

As a goofball of sorts, full-time IT professional, and a major Trekkie, he flexes his virtual intellectual muscles far more often than his actual biceps (unless his arm is turning you into a Muppet). He enjoys challenging the conventional, believing that there is no such demarcation as a final frontier.

Volunteering in establishing OUT! Bowling, a gay social league in the western suburbs of Chicago, has been one of his proudest achievements. You can also find him kicking his heels up with the ChiTown Squares, a long-standing GLBTQIA Chicago square dancing organization. He has also taught several kink classes on fisting, impact play, and consent.

He's an avid giver of scritches, identifying as a pup handler. He hopes to help the pups of Chicago enjoy themselves in a safe space in his new role as Secretary of the Chicago Puppy Patrol

Emeritus Board

Pup Snuggles, Great Lakes Leather boy 2011 Co-Founder,

Pup Snuggles, Great Lakes Leather boy 2011


Snuggles has been part of the leather community since IML 2006 and has avidly researched the leather lifestyle ever since. He has been with his Sir, Victor, since before learning about the leather community, but can definitely say that it has strengthened their relationship and also made him a stronger person and pup. In addition to being with him, they have two other wonderful, loving members of their poly family, Solomon and Natali. Snuggles is also co-founder of Chicago Puppy Patrol, Mama's Pup Snuggles, a previous President for Bloomington Kink, a massage therapist, yoga instructor, photographer, website designer, and renaissance reenactor. 

Luph Simien Co-Founder

Luph Simien


A member of the Leather Community since January of 2010, Luph Simien has been exploring and finding his place. Shortly after being exposed to pups, he discovered the Handler aspect of his personality. Through his experiences and with the help of his pup and friends here in the Chicagoland area, he has continued to discover other aspects of himself and BDSM. Most recently, the Master and Daddy aspects of his personality.

Pups have become a strong center in his world, and that dynamic has become the core of his D/s interactions. The love, loyalty, and affection of a pup gives him a sense of place, while providing the guidance, protection and companionship that a pup needs gives him a sense of purpose. These qualities underpin all D/s relationships for him, including Master/slave.

Seeing the large influx of pups moving into the Chicagoland area, he broached the subject with pup snuggles, and the Chicago Puppy Patrol (CPP) was born. He looks forward to developing CPP into an influential and positive force for the local BDSM and leather communities as well as the international communities through CPP’s connection to International Pups and Handlers (IPAH).