This group isn't just run by our Board. We also have some amazing committees that help us organize, host, and run events throughout the year. Here are some of the committees that we have: 

Operations Committees


This committee is in charge of attending events, collecting photos of the event, and writing up a recap of what happened for those who were not able to attend. 


This committee will help organize workshops and other educational events (i.e. Treat Making, Obedience Training, Puppy 101, etc).


This committee is mainly in charge in finding new people to join CPP.


This committee will help us create and work fundraisers to raise money for both CPP and other local organizations and Titleholders.


Event Committees

IML Events

We hold small events during International Mr Leather, IML, such as Yappy Hour and a Brunch.

MIR Events

We hold small events during Mr International Rubber, MIR, such as the Rubber Puppy Rumpus and a MIR Brunch. 

House Parties and Private Mosh Pits

Some of our members prefer more private settings. This committee would help organize private parties and mosh pits for these occasions.

Full Moon Jams

Another great regular event in Chicago are the Full Moon Jams. This is a gathering of Firespinners of various kinds and those who like to watch. This committee is responsible for planning group outings to these events. 

Social Outings

This committee will help organize social outings outside of bars, such as bowling, roller skating, field trips to museums, etc.

Movie Theater

This committee keeps an eye out for fun movies coming out for groups of members to attend together.

Chicago Tourist Day

This committee will organize events during the Chicago Tourist Day, such as a scavenger hunt.

Movies in the Park

One of the many great thing about Chicago is the Movies in the Parks program. Why not attend these events with groups of friends. This committee is in charge of organizing these outings.