Some of our members have volunteered to help coordinate and run events when a Board Member is not available.

PleepMr Midwest Rubber 2014

I have been involved in the kink world since IML 2009, been in love with rubber gear since the first surf suit i put on. I am currently involved in the Chicago Rubbermen and the Chicago Puppy Patrol. Mr MidWest Rubber 2011; now a happy wuzzie :). While a titleholder I took the MMWR out to the region travelling a great deal; even getting out to Boston and Berlin.



Johnny entered the kink community back in 2009 going to Chicago Rubbermen bar events. His primary interests include bondage, chastity and tight heavy gear. He has been collared by his Sir, chicagogear, since June 2011. He enjoys giving back to the community whenever he can and manages websites for Chicago Rubbermen and Mr. International Rubber, in addition to his involvement with the Chicago Puppy Patrol.