We have different levels of membership, including Full Members and Associate Members. Rather than ask for membership dues, we have a participation based membership. 

Our membership system is in the works and may be edited at any time. Full Membership won't go into effect until 2017.


Basic Member

We will always be an organization open to the public, and being a basic member will continue to allow you to attend our public events and get information on our public Facebook page. Public events will include bar nights and fundraisers, beach days, movies in the park, and other events hosted in public venues.

Associate Members

To gain Associate Level Membership you must attend a minimum of 2 public CPP events where only one may be a bar night. We feel its critical our members support the organization and community by trying out some of our other wonderful events during the year. Associate membership will gain you access to a private CPP group and get you invites to CPP's private events such as moshes, parties, and workshops.

Full Members

To gain Full Membership you will need to be an Associate member. In addition you must attend a minimum of 2 private events. To be eligible to be on the CPP Board, you must also host an event. Full members will be eligible to purchase back patches, vote on CPP changes and decisions, participate on the CPP Full Member group on Facebook and will gain you access to Full member only events such as full member board meetings, CPP Dinners, and an annual party.