CPP is an organization for people 18 and older


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Chicago's pet, human pup & handler social club

Our Mission

The Chicago Puppy Patrol is a community based social group for human pups, trainers, handlers, and those interested in exploring pet play. We are committed to providing a safe, secure environment in which Members and friends can play, learn, and grow together. We seek to foster acceptance of alternative lifestyles through education, social events, and outreach.


We are a community of all experience levels—from curious to immersed—within and outside of the leather, BDSM, furry, puppy play, and pet play communities. We do not discriminate against biological sex, gender identity, ethnic background, or disability.

Human Pup Bill of Rights

  1. Every pup has the right to have their body, intellect, and emotions protected by themselves and others.
  2. Every pup has the right to choose whom they serve and to discontinue that service and take their leave without being subjected to physical, mental, or emotional abuse.
  3. Every pup has the right to be cared for, disciplined appropriately, and allowed to feel pride in their submission.
  4. Every pup has the right to protected sex if they so wish.
  5. Every pup has the right to privacy if they wish. No one can be blackmailed, publicly humiliated, or physically coerced into service without their expressed desire to be so.
  6. Every pup has the right to defend themself from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.
  7. Every pup has the right to consent or not to consent to sexual activities.
  8. Every pup has the right to seek refuge, counsel, and advice from others without the expectation of sex, money, or any other service in return.
  9. Every pup has the right to a physically and emotionally available circle of friends.
  10. Every pup has the right to protect their possessions and finances against intercession, theft, and non-consensual acquisition.