Code of Conduct

updated October 18, 2018

Chicago Puppy Patrol (hereafter referred to CPP) is an organization built on social respect, consent, and building bridges to educate our community. We want everyone to be comfortable in the environment we are trying to foster, so keep the following in mind:

  1. Be respectful. We are all adults, and we hope that we can treat each other as respectfully as we want to be treated and/or deserve. This includes interactions between Members, the Board, guests, hosts, the venues we visit, and other patrons of those venues.  

  2. “NO” means “NO”. Consent is integral to the function of our community. It’s not only limited to sexual or BDSM activity, it’s also important to our social interactions. We encourage everyone to be unquestionably respectful to people saying “no” even in social situations, and to challenge their own perceptions of how comfortable/uncomfortable they may make another person by their actions. Regarding issues of consent outside of CPP events, feelings that come from violation of consent translate wherever you are; don’t let your actions outside of CPP events be a cause for you to be barred from future CPP events.

  3. Only your property is yours. If you didn’t bring it, odds are it isn’t yours! Much like adopting a puppy or a kitten, don’t plan on leaving an event with something more than you came with unless you are explicitly given that something by its owner. Chances are they want that something as much as you do, and no one likes a thief. Headspace is not an excuse.

  4. See something, say something. CPP can only make the environment better if we know about things that take away from positivity. If you notice someone behaving destructively or negatively, whether Member or not, notify the Board or event contact. See our Open Door Policy for info on how your complaint or issue will be handled.

  5. If there’s a problem, let the Board handle it. CPP is dedicated to make our events as fun and beneficial as possible for our Members, and we maintain relationships with our venues to ensure things are handled at all levels. If you have an issue with an individual or a venue, let a Board Member or event host know and we will take care of all the boring and upsetting things so you can keep having fun. The Board has checks and balances in place to ensure that actions taken on behalf of the CPP reflect our values. Our Open Door Policy has information on how the heavier things will be handled.

  6. Headspace is not an excuse for misbehavior. Some of us like being dogs, others cats, some ponies, alligators, sloths, and still others, apache attack helicopters. None of that, however, excuses us as our human selves from behavior exhibited as that role. If you aren’t in control of your actions as you get into deeper headspace or are otherwise judgement-impaired, you are responsible for bringing a handler, friend, or other adult to make sure you continue to observe this Code of Conduct as you play out your animalistic (or inanimate) fantasies. You may also remove yourself from the situation so we don’t have to!

  7. If you cannot play by the rules, do not play. If you can’t follow this Code of Conduct, be considerate of your time, our time, and the feelings of those you may wrong in its violation and remove yourself from the situation. We don’t want to remove you from an event or the club, but will take the actions necessary to make sure it’s a safe environment for all.

Was a violation to this Code of Conduct left unresolved? All issues presented to the Board and event hosts should have some sense of resolution to them. All Code of Conduct violations will be investigated. If you don’t feel your issue was handled appropriately, appeal the decision by emailing Resolutions by an individual Board Member can be appealed to a Board vote, and Board votes can be appealed to a Member vote at a Quarterly Business Meeting.

CPP reserves the right to update legal & supporting documents at any time