2019 CPP Board Election 

The CPP Board is the driving force of our club's operations. Every January, CPP Members elect five individuals that they feel are suited to continue supporting the organization's ongoing mission. To ensure dedication for the upcoming 2019 Elections, CPP will enforce the following requirements for candidates:

  • Must be a CPP Member in good standing, per Bylaws

  • Must be present at the Quarterly Business Meeting in October (but if unable to attend they must notify Board via email at Board@ChicagoPuppyPatrol.org no later than 10/18 so alternative arrangements can be made)

Board position description:

  • Requirements

    • must be a Member in 2018

    • must attend Board meetings

    • must attend 4 Quarterly Business Meetings in 2019

    • must fulfill all Board responsibilities as defined in the Bylaws or designated through Board discussion

    • must take an active role in supporting our mission through our Purposes & Goals, as defined in the Bylaws

  • Expectations

    • able to attend at least 50% of all 2019 CPP events

    • able to commit 3-8 hours towards CPP operations every week

    • able to make financial contributions OR willing to subsidize additional operational responsibilities in place of financial contributions

    • able to flex schedule based on the needs of the Board or CPP operations

    • able to execute effective time management skills

  • Suggested strengths

    • able to work on a team

    • able to communication effectively

    • able to establish work-life balance for CPP

  • Suggested experience

    • event planning

    • operating within a budget

    • leadership roles