Upcoming Events

We update our website’s calendar every week to keep you up-to-date on information you need to know. You can click into each event to see its details. From here, you can also subscribe to our calendar so that CPP events appear in your schedule.

Facebook  •  Anytime we make a change to our website's calendar, we update the Facebook event too. These two resources will always be exactly the same. Please RSVP to our Facebook events!

Telegram Announcements Channel  •  Every Sunday, we send a three-month overview of upcoming event dates and the Facebook event links for any event happening that week. Additionally, anytime an event detail changes that could impact interest or attendance, we want to inform you. We try to keep these occurrences as minimal as possible so you have less to worry about.

Recurring Public Events

Cell Block Pound Night  •  Every third Friday, human pups, pets, handlers, trainers, Sirs, boys, and friends converge on Cell Block for an evening of gear, social interaction, and having a drink "doggy-style"...out a bowl! You must be 21 or older.

Game Night  •  On the last Saturday of every month, CPP meets for a monthly game night involving board and video games. On occasion, we meet at Dice Dojo's in Edgewater. Once every 6 months, we meet for bowling. Each month's game night details will be posted via CPP calendar. 

Public Event Disclosure

We are a community of all experience level—from curious to immersed—within and outside of the leather, BDSM, furry, puppy play, and pet play communities. We do not discriminate against biological sex, gender identity, ethnic background, or disability. Anyone 18 or older is welcome to be a explore and interact at our public (non-bar) events without prior community involvement or additional "prerequisites". Bar events are for people 21 or older.

"Right Time, Right Place" Hood Policy

CPP welcomes all ideas of pet and pup play, but remember, not everyone shares our ideas or interests. When attending an event in a public setting, keep in mind that it is not meant to be a pet/pup-oriented space. We must abide by laws and polite social behaviors just like any other time in a public place. 

Hoods can be acceptable in public as long as others are comfortable and we do not cause disturbance. Remember that for us, wearing a hood is just wearing another face for a quick picture, but for others, we're strange people wearing strange masks. If you want to wear your hood in public, ask yourself if it seems like a the right time or place to wear it.

Other BDSM fetish gear (including harnesses and revealing clothing) should only be worn in event spaces where that this form of attire is deemed acceptable.

If you have an event suggestion or would like more information about an event, reach out to us at events@chicagopuppypatrol.org


All attendees of Chicago Puppy Patrol must be 18 or older