We update our website’s calendar every week to keep you up-to-date on information you need to know. You can click into each event to see its details. From here, you can also subscribe to our Google Calendar so that our events will appear on your personal schedule.


Chicago Puppy Patrol welcomes all levels of human pup, pet play, and handler experienceWe do not discriminate against beliefs, disabilities, ethnic backgrounds, sexes, genders, sexual orientations, experience levels, or roles. We try to utilize venues that share our open and welcoming values, however restrictions on attendance and/or acceptable behaviors may be set at the discretion of the host(s) prior to the event. Chicago Puppy Patrol’s Code of Conduct is enforced at all our official events, regardless of venue or person’s age.


Chicago Puppy Patrol loves all our human pups, kitties, horses, wolves, demanding trainers, etc., but not everyone shares our interests. Attending events in a public settings (e.g. gaming shops, restaurants, public parks), will likely result in contact with patrons that don’t understand human pups and pet play. Hoods and select animal behaviors can be acceptable in public settings as long as you do not cause a disturbance. If you want to wear your hood in public and ‘sit pretty’ for a photo, ask yourself if it seems like the right time or place to do so. Other BDSM gear (e.g.harnesses, revealing clothing) should only be worn in settings where that form of attire is deemed acceptable or encouraged.

You should always abide by any authorities, laws, rules, and polite behaviors in a public setting. Remember that poor behavior and not practicing a ‘right time, right place’ behavior at Chicago Puppy Patrol’s events—public or private—could impact our club’s future events and your ability to attend them.


Become a part of the club by paying the annual dues* associated with Chicago Puppy Patrol membership**. There are always some exclusive incentives offered for Members which are outlined when registering, with the official membership lasting to the end of the year in which is was paid. Our Members range from young pups to old dogs, curious kittens to cranky cats, handlers, adjacent supporters, and everything in between.

* Dues are not meant to be an exclusionary measure, therefore anyone that is unable to afford or commit to annual dues is eligible to have their dues waived until a time which they are able to afford or commit.
** Individual must be 18+ years of age.



Chicago Puppy Patrol’s newsletter will provide you with important announcements, community surveys, calendar overviews, and event descriptions—all at once—in one convenient email per month! We’ll also communicate any last-minute event changes on an as-needed basis.

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