Open Door Policy

updated September 28, 2018 as a working draft

Explanation of Purpose

This Policy regards the open acceptance of Member complaints in issues of physical abuse, emotional abuse, or violated sexual consent. Issues of this gravity will receive full consideration of the Board and Investigation Committee (hereafter referred to as Investigators), or subsection the victim may desire of those two. This policy ensures that victims are free from retaliation by any instituted officials of the Board in response to their incident reporting. While other matters may be discussed through our Open Door Policy, procedures detailed herein govern the Board’s response to those issues stated above.

Legal Compliance

Substantiated rulings outside of the Chicago Puppy Patrol’s (hereafter referred to as CPP) control include any convictions or unabsolved allegations of violent, sexual, or emotional abuse crimes from a municipal, state, or federal power. This includes restraining orders. CPP will enforce appropriate bans or suspensions of Members upon complaint by another Member should such records be furnished to the Board.

Proper Channels Reporting

  1. Board

  2. Highest ranking Board Member if aggressor is a Board Member

Privacy Disclosure

  • All incidents are to remain confidential to the Board, their appointed Investigators and those directly involved in the claim/incident.

  • If the victim would like to remain anonymous from the aggressor, investigations to ban the aggressor will not commence. Claims can remain on record as a paper trail for future follow-up should further incidents occur or another victim come forward.

  • The victim’s name will remain anonymous in all other circumstances when investigations are involved to people outside the Board, the Investigators, and the aggressor.

  • The Board will endeavor to furnish the proper legal reporting resources to victims who do not wish to push forward with these proceedings, or would like to remain wholly anonymous from the aggressor in context of the CPP.


Upon receipt of a complaint against a Member, the Board will have an impartiality vote of all residing Board Members to ensure no Board Member has any conflict of interest and can remain impartial to both the victim and aggressor. This examination should take place within 48 hours of receipt of the claim. Should any Board Member come forward with a concern for another Board Member’s ability to remain impartial, please see notes for activating the Investigation Committee below. The Board may confirm receipt of the complaint before such impartiality checks commence, but no further steps may be taken. A Board determined impartial or the Investigation Committee (hereafter referred to as Investigators) will then ask for the victim’s claim and all supporting evidence in writing (preferable) or by email to Confirmation of receipt of each email and/or email documentation (preferrably scans) of any evidence or claims received in writing, must be sent within 24 hours. Aggressors should be notified of any claims, including associated suspensions, via email within 48 of the Investigator’s confirmation of receipt of the victim’s claim. The victim and the aggressor will both be encouraged to have any known witnesses corroborate their claims within 7 days of the aggressor’s notification of the claim. When 7 days of collecting corroborating stories concludes, the Investigators will have up to 21 days to ask any questions to clarify any unclear statements provided. The Investigators will review all exhibits provided and determine the validity of the claim by internal majority vote. Should the Investigators be unable to reach a consensus, the non-presiding entity (either the Board or Investigation Committee) will constitute a tie breaking vote.


Appeals will take place with a future Board, and both parties will remain anonymous unless one or the other would like their name to be known during Member consideration proceedings.

Board Member Aggressors

Upon receipt of a complaint against a Board Member, a closed session excluding that Board Member will commence, and the only proceedings in which that Board Member aggressor would be involved is as capacity of the aggressor as outlined above.

Reporting Sources & Subjects

Should a non-victim Member approach the Board with concern about a member aggressor, that member will be suspended from Member-only events for a period of 30 days from receipt of the complaint. The reporting Member should encourage any actual victims to begin the reporting process if they wish to sustain that suspension.

Hosts of CPP member only events will be asked to observe the ban/suspension list of the CPP.

Complaints against non-members will be logged.

Complaints by non-members will be logged to substantiate future claims against the aggressor, but not investigated.